Composite Door (210)

Interior Security Doors for apartment/flat. Steel doors decorated with filling PVC film patterns are used for the security of inside premises. The sash of the door is made from folded steel profiles and external protective 1,5 mm thick steel plating, 50 mm stone wool filling, insulation spacer glued onto the sash of the door and an extra spacer fixed on the jamb (door frame) double insulation.

Panels (MDF) coated with PVC film of various colours are used for the finishing/decoration of the door. The elements of the panel are first of all cut out during the manufacturing process, then each element is laminated separately, and only after that the panel is assembled into an integral pattern. Patterns of exclusive design and forms are created in this manner.

The hinges are with supporting bearings. Stationary tempered pins protect the door from being taken out after cutting the hinges thus ensuring greater security.
The jamb (door frame) is made from folded steel profiles. The metal construction of the sash and the jamb (door frame) are painted with powder paint.

Dimensions. Standard measurements: height up to 2150 mm, width up to 950 mm. Maximal measurements of the door may be: height up to 2300mm, width up to 1050mm.The doors are manufactured according to the individual dimensions provided by the customers. We may also offer different non-standard solutions.

Standard door set.
Door, door frame, a wide-angle peephole, one lock system, external and internal edgings, double insulation spacer.

Safe Rooms

Advantages of using Funky Doors reinforced bedroom and office doors
We study how modern aggravated burglary tactics combine old-school violence with new entry methods and we fight back by using old-school protection.

If attackers want to get into your home it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to stop them, so when under attack from aggravated intruders every second counts. The first 2 minutes of a robbery are what matter the most. As a homeowner, you and your family quite simply need enough time in a secure place to phone or signal for help. Our high security bedroom doors and reinforced steel walls will stop any intruder that breaks your home security from getting to you, allowing you to safely call for help.

Funky Doors can secure 5 bedrooms for less than half the cost of 1 average safe room providing excellent value for money and keeping all your loved ones safe. This new reinforced bedroom can also provide safe haven for valuables when the occupant is not present, meaning you don’t have to lock everything away from your normal living space.

SafeRoom  safe-room-door  safe-room-doors

1. Door frame fixing elements                                                      
2. Outside architraves
3. Hinges with supportings bearings
4. Inside architraves
5. Protective roll pins
6. Closed bendet metal construction
7. External 1.5mm metal sheet
8. Security lock

9. Internal door leaf finish
10. Metal door frame
12. External door leaf finish
14. Mineral rock insulation
15. Wall
17. Stainless steel door sill
18. Additional security lock (safe)
19. Latch chain-catch



Available Security Levels