Sound and
heat insulation

Insulated door leaf made from double- skinned, hot galvanized steel sections with CFC-Free PUR rigid foam core, which provides top sound-proofing and excellent heat insulation, keeping the cold out and the warm in.

 Insulated Garage Doors

High quality materials, incorporating the latest innovations in manufacturing and technology.

R40 Sectional Doors.


TL Sectional Garage Doors.


Side Hinged Doors.


Side Sliding Garage Doors.


All garage doors include a manual back up system so that the door can be manually operated in the unlikely event of a power cut.
All garage doors conform to EU safety directives and meet the safety requirements in line with European testing and standard of conformity.
All sectional garage doors have a bottom rubberseal.
All garage doors include 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.
The garage doors are maintenance free.
All garage doors are made of double-skinned aluminium, insulated with CFC free foam.
Secured Doors will remove and dispose of your existing garage door free of charge.